We need research, guidance and practical tools to ensure that data and AI work for people and society. This blog represents ideas, arguments and strategies that move towards a society in which the benefits of data and AI are justly and equitably distributed, and enhance individual and social wellbeing – independently of the interests of industry and government, but hand in hand with partners across all sectors.

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COVID-19 cases globally

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COVID-19: How public health emergencies have been repurposed as security threats

The COVID-19 pandemic is shedding light on the capacity of technology to trace and monitor the movement of individuals. This is not new. What is new is the discourse surrounding it, and the potential normalisation of this form of surveillance as a public health imperative. We draw on the concept of biosecuritisation to frame these issues. 

by Dr Matthias Wienroth (Northumbria University), Dr Gabrielle Samuel (King’s College London), Dr Arely Cruz-Santiago (University of Exeter), Dr Jodyn Platt (University of Michigan)

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Data, Compute, Labour

The monopolisation of AI is not just – or even primarily – a data issue. Monopolisation is driven as much by the barriers to entry posed by fixed capital, and the ‘virtuous cycles’ that compute and labour are generating for the AI providers.

by Dr Nick Srnicek, King's College London

UK Government lockdown easing curve

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To be seen we must be measured: data visualisation and inequality

How data, bodies and experience entwine – and how we might make a world where instead of predicting our individual risk we understand the complexities of living together, in situations of inequality and injustice.

by Dr Alison Powell, Director, JUST AI