We need research, guidance and practical tools to ensure that data and AI work for people and society. This blog represents ideas, arguments and strategies that move towards a society in which the benefits of data and AI are justly and equitably distributed, and enhance individual and social wellbeing – independently of the interests of industry and government, but hand in hand with partners across all sectors.

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Drawing of data strategy

Blog, Long read

The EU Data Strategy: three key questions

In this long read, we highlight three issues that arise out of the European Commission’s data strategy, which we believe require further thought as the EU considers how to design a positive vision of data governance that works for people and societies.

by Valentina Pavel

Illustration of surveillance at work

Blog, Long read

High visibility and COVID-19: returning to the post-lockdown workplace

In the current crisis, we are hearing a lot about digital tools to track, monitor and share data about people. In the workplace, technology has the potential to help us respond to the health pandemic – and causes concerns about data, privacy and power.

by Andrew Pakes, Research Director, Prospect Union

Doctor accessing medical data

Blog, Long read

The foundations of fairness for NHS health data sharing

How do the public expect the NHS, and third-party organisations to steward their data? What are the conditions that enable effective data stewardship – and what are the conditions that don’t? (or, as our recently convened Citizens’ Biometrics Council put it – ‘What is or isn’t okay?’).

by Reema Patel