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Event series

Prototyping AI ethics futures: Data, AI and environment

Part of a week-long series of events highlighting the new possibilities of a humanities-led, broadly engaging approach to data and AI ethics

Abstract smart nature scene, networking, technology
Date and time
1:00pm – 2:30pm, 22 June 2021 (BST)

Without big data, we can’t describe ‘a climate’. As individuals, we are nevertheless entreated to minimise data consumption in order to consume less energy. Yet on a global scale data-based technologies ‘instrument’ our relationships with other living things, and with the collective basis of our environment – from smart city to ‘smart forest’, from smart meter to data centre. We discuss the paradoxes of this ‘instrumenting of climate’ and some potential responses.

Across the arts, humanities and social sciences, our panelists, Jaya Chakrabarti (Vana Project) and Jennifer Gabrys (Cambridge; Smart Forest project) describe the paradoxical relationships of data and AI technologies to climate and the environment, led by Teresa Dillon (University of the West of England). Erinma Ochu and Caroline Ward, part of collective Squirrel Nation, will act as respondents.

Watch the event back here:

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In conversation with:


  • Caroline Ward

    Deaf and queer artist, designer and researcher, Squirrel Nation
  • Dr Erinma Ochu

    Black and queer neuroscientist, filmmaker and curator, Squirrel Nation

Image credit: wayra

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