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Yasmine uses technology to change people’s behaviour.

She has used VR as a training tool to immerse people in challenging social situations. Her topics of interest are implicit bias, cross-cultural understanding and innovation. Her recent experiences address subtle forms of misogyny and mental health awareness in places of work. She is passionate about using technology to address inequality in society. She believes in inclusivity by design.

Her clients have included Mercer, Time Warner, Google and First State Investments. She is also undertaking not-for-profit work; producing an innovative training program for NHS nurses to better communicate with teenage cancer patients.

One of Yasmine’s current clients is an ethical investment spin-out. She is helping them model their business practice in order to attract socially conscious clients; defining what it is to behave ethically in the financial industry, beyond what has already been done, and linking personal values to organisational values.

Yasmine’s JUST AI Fellowship project proposes a radical ethical data practice framework. The output will be a constantly evolving collaborative online space – a ‘Living Document’ – that comes out of a collaboration between groups of people who have resisted traditional extractive practices, and which they can continue to contribute to.