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Harry is a Senior Researcher at the Ada Lovelace Institute where explores the ethical and policy questions posed by new and emerging uses of data and AI.

He currently leads ‘AI and Genomics Futures’, mixed-methods project being conducted in partnership with the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, dedicated to understanding how AI is set to change genomic science and the potential political, economic and societal ramifications of any such changes. He has also worked to develop Ada’s thinking on the UK’s approach to AI regulation – and on biometric technologies.

Prior to joining Ada, Harry worked as a senior policy adviser at Nesta, where he developed and advocated for policies to make the UK’s innovation economy fairer, more inclusive and more conducive to the public good. He has also worked in regulatory bodies, think tanks and in public affairs.

Featured work

Current project

AI and genomics futures

This joint project with the Nuffield Council on Bioethics explores how AI is transforming the capabilities and practice of genomic science.


31 August 2023


Early findings and emerging questions on the use of AI in genomics


29 June 2022


The need for new legislation to govern biometric technologies in the UK