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Virtual event

The ethics panel to end all ethics panels…

A summary of the sixth panel on the Ethics & Society stage at CogX 2020 - Day 1

Date and time
6:00pm – 6:45pm, 8 June 2020 (BST)

What’s wrong with the way we talk about ethics, why do we need to change the narrative to make sure data and AI start working for people and society?

On Monday 8 June, we were delighted to kick off CogX 2020 by curating the first day of the Ethics & Society stage. 25 speakers across six panels joined us to tackle the knotty, real-life trade-offs of benefits and harms that emerging technologies bring to people and society. This is a summary of the sixth panel of the day – The ethics panel to end all ethics panels – which you can watch in full below:



  • Brent Mittelstadt

    Oxford Internet Institute
  • Jonnie Penn

    Author and AI researcher
  • Evan Selinger

    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Shannon Vallor

    Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI), University of Edinburgh