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Sahdya Darr is an expert in digital rights, civil liberties and advocacy.

Previously, Sahdya was an Immigration Policy Manager at Open Rights Group (ORG), a digital rights organisation campaigning to maintain, protect, promote and advance our civil liberties in the digital age. Sahdya looks at how migration and digital rights issues intersect and the impact this has on the human rights of migrants. Sahdya supports groups and organisations working to defend and protect the rights of migrants to address the challenges and threats that this presents.

At ORG, Sahdya curates a monthly newsletter ‘Migration, Data and Digital Rights’, has written a number of blog posts including about concerns regarding the NHSX Covid-19 APP in relation to refugees and migrants and mobilised migrants’ rights groups and organisations against the Government’s proposals to widen the Cabinet Office’s National Fraud Initiative data matching powers. The proposals are likely to disproportionately affect the data protection rights of individuals and communities who are vulnerable and marginalised.

Sahdya has a BA in International Relations and Politics and an MSc in Globalisation and Development and has worked on various human rights issues in Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine and at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.