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Kavya is Visiting Senior Researcher (Gender & AI) at the Ada Lovelace Institute. Her work explores the interplay between gender and AI and examines how the cis-heteronormative understanding of gender shapes research and how AI reinforces gender-based oppression.  

Prior to joining Ada, Kavya worked as Assistant Director, Centre for Justice, Law and Society in India. Her work there combined academic research, activism and policy interventions on reproductive rights, trans rights, and other areas of law and marginalisation. She is passionate about critical feminist and queer theory, and believes in an abolitionist framework on justice. 

Kavya has an LLM from the University of Cambridge as well as a physics degree.  

Featured work


Gender and AI

How does the use of data-driven systems exacerbate inequalities in access to primary healthcare for transgender and non-binary people in the UK?