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Virtual event

Regulating AI in the UK

Recommendations to strengthen the Government's proposed framework

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Date and time
10:30am – 11:30am, 18 July 2023 (BST)

Recent media coverage of ‘foundation models’ that power systems like ChatGPT, the potential for job displacement, and the need for ‘guardrails’ has led to increased public and political interest in how AI is regulated.

Against this backdrop, jurisdictions around the world are publishing regulatory proposals for AI, from the EU’s AI Act to China’s regulations on generative AI and the White House’s ‘Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights’.

The UK is no exception. In March the UK Government published its AI Regulation White Paper, and the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill will significantly amend existing AI-relevant safeguards. These proposals will shape UK AI governance for years to come, so getting them right matters.

The Ada Lovelace Institute has analysed the Government’s proposals closely to understand whether they will achieve these aims. Published alongside independent legal analysis carried out by law firm AWO, our report, Regulating AI in the UK, will set out recommendations to Government that, if acted on, will help to strengthen the proposed regulatory framework.

Join the Ada Lovelace Institute and AWO to hear more about the Government’s plans, and how they can be improved to make sure that AI works for people and society in the UK.


You can watch a recording of the event below.

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