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How we work with policymakers, regulators and public services

We work with policymakers, regulators and public-sector organisations to explore how data and AI can work for society.

Ada is committed to using its research, public deliberation and expert convening to create real-world change. Engaging with policy, regulation, law and the public sector is essential to ensure data works for people and society.

We do this by sharing evidence, shaping debate, offering tools and guidance, and advocating for policy or legal development.

We are an independent organisation that seeks to build consensus around the change needed. All our positions are grounded in research, expertise or public deliberation, gained through:

  • Primary research
  • Secondary research and analysis, including national statistics, peer-reviewed research, government research and evaluations
  • Convening or consulting multidisciplinary experts
  • Deliberation with publics, with particular attention to affected populations or marginalised groups
  • Legal or conceptual analysis
  • International policy reviews, case studies or evaluations
  • Prototyping tools to support practice or delivery
  • Translation and synthesis from academia to a policy or practice audience

In some areas there may be direct and clear policy objectives that trigger research, for example, the need for new regulation of biometrics, influencing the adoption of COVID-19 technologies, or working with partners to run discussion workshops on the National Data Strategy.

No less important are areas where we seek to support policy-making through shaping debate, connecting decision-makers to research and academia, exploring areas of disagreement or trade-off, and amplifying missed viewpoints.

We also welcome opportunities to collaborate with public-sector organisations to undertake research or deliberation.

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