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How to work with us

Opportunities for organisations and communities to collaborate with us.

To ensure that data and AI work for people and society, we need to engage, collaborate, share knowledge and develop new thinking with everyone involved in developing, implementing, governing and regulating technologies – as well as people who are affected by them.

Developing a positive vision for a world in which data and AI work for people and society is an immense task, and not one we can achieve alone. To achieve that change, we need to catalyse conversations around the ‘should’ questions, to engage and influence people from across industry, government, civil society and communities:

  1. researchers and scientists setting the research agenda for AI
  2. industry choices with respect to business models and fair partnerships
  3. tech workers and consumers through collective action and product choice
  4. regulatory intervention and incentives set by Government and policymakers at the local, national and supranational levels.

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Through our work building evidence, changing practices, policies and laws, and fostering an informed public dialogue, we collaborate with national and international organisations from government and policy, industry and civil society, as well as individual people affected by technologies. Together, we help to ensure the transformative power of data and AI is used and harnessed in ways that maximise social wellbeing and put technology at the service of humanity.